May 31, 2012

assalamualaikum  lama sudah sgt2 tak mengupdate ini blog n rasanya byk cerita che ana lupe utk menulis dan kongsikan to u oll ... actually malas nak mengupdate blog sebb agak bz hehehh
the latest info about che ana r now i'm working yeaa ..
but for temporary n ujung taun t i continue my study .. bila che ana keja che ana feel that stdy is not the everything n the environment working were begin everything .. every single days yg che ana lalui always make a new story morry n new experience tht i really2 appreaciate  ... when u in this envrnmt , more or less u must apply everything .. 
actually my dream is to become a successful girl in every aspect .. just now im already studied accounting n business n i will i will ... master in my course .. i want continue accounting as now part of my life n others life .. learn accounting is not about math n calculating but it is about life ... ai ari ni che ana citer about the accounting lak kan hihi bcoz im in love with accounting really n very much ... ok laa next time jumpe g , sory lama tak update blog ni hee ... 

love ,

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